Intel has just unveiled a reference design for the Intel Studybook: a rugged 7-inch tablet that will run Windows 7 or Android 3.0, and come with specialized educational software. It's the company's latest addition to its learning series, that includes its popular Classmate Convertible — a PC that Intel says has been adopted by more than 7 million students around the world. The reference design calls for a 7-inch screen with a 1024x600 resolution, an Atom Z650 processor, a minimum of 1GB RAM, front and rear cameras, and a versatile port loadout including microSD / SIM slots, USB 2.0 and HDMI. The tablet is also built to withstand abuse: it's built from plastic, weighs 1.2-pounds, and Intel says it can withstand 2.3-foot drops.

The Studybook will also include a software package, including the Kno e-reader app and the LabCam suite of science software. Engadget reports that Intel believes manufacturers who use its design could sell the device for $200 or less. The company is boasting an army of hardware partners with the announcement, but there's no word on when the tablet will actually be available for consumers.