Cutting Out the Used Games Market, The Easy Way

Many gaming news sites have discussed how cutting out the used game market could adversely affect sales of gaming systems and software. One of the major points they make is that requiring a code or some other method of online authentication would cut out users without internet connections. What if this wasn't the case?

One way console manufacturers could get around these authentication problems would be to include a 3G chip into each console. With this, they could include codes in every new copy of a game, and authenticate over the wireless phone networks. This tech already exists in the form of Whispernet on Amazon's Kindle platform, and would likely be even cheaper in a larger device (some sites estimate that the 3G chip in most wireless phones costs about $7). Because 3G is mostly ubiquitous, the worry of cutting out offline gamers is mitigated. They could also fall back to 2G (which is much more broadly adopted). Manufacturers could also add cloud saves so that 3G is a feature, and not just seen as a way of cutting out the used game market. I'd be interested in hearing what you all think.