Google started up its YouTube Live streaming program last year, a Ustream-like service letting users watch live videos of events, concerts, and more for free. It looks like that's starting to change today, however, as YouTube has just added monetization options to the service, including pay-per-view and advertising. There aren't too many details at the moment, but the paid live streaming option will only be available in Canada, Japan, France, United States, and Great Britain. YouTube Live is still closed to general access — only select partners have been invited to the service, and a smaller subset still of those customers will have the option to use paid livestreaming features. In the service's help pages it's said that only those who are extremely familiar with YouTube Live, require little to no support, and have previously proven that they can generate high viewership will be allowed to use the "advanced feature." Along with the new monetization options, Google released new analytics tools and new software for YouTube Live content creators called Wirecast, which is available to download now.