If you're among the many fans excited for this week's launch of the much-delayed, IGF award-winning indie puzzle platformer Fez, you should waste no time in checking out its fantastic soundtrack, which topped the charts on Bandcamp earlier today alongside a full-length streaming preview.

The game's music, which comes from renowned independent games composer Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland, is haunting and sublime, wavering somewhere between a 1980's Vangelis synth odyssey and the sounds of a waterlogged vinyl record pulled from the cobwebs of an abandoned arcade. In addition the being great for standalone listening, the soundtrack also perfectly compliments the strange, rotating pixel world presented in the game itself, which will have its long-awaited release this Friday on Xbox Live Arcade.

The soundtrack releases on April 20th, and Vreeland is offering download pre-orders on Bandcamp starting at $5, with a full streaming preview plus several tracks available for free download.