Is Windows 8 really that schizophrenic?

I've read my fair share of testimonies from people that sampled the Windows 8 CP. The most frequent gripe is the UI, it is quite radical after. Lately many bloggers have created Metro desktop concepts in response to this, here is the cream of the crop:

There's also evidence that Microsoft is flattening the desktop in Windows 8:

These changes seek to address the schizophrenic nature of the two UI's. However, many still argue that the problem is more than superficial since WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers GUI) philosophies clash with those of Metro.

Personally I love Windows 8 but see a Metro desktop as a necessity even if it is just a skin deep change. Seeing as it's still likely the desktop will remain Aero I would like to know, from people who have used Windows 8, if a metro desktop eases your qualms about "jarring-ness" or if it is just a cosmetic change that does not matter at all since it doesn't change interaction? Does Windows 8 need it to succeed or is it just a luxurious wish by the design-obssessed?