In spite of taking some flak for its testing methodology, Microsoft clearly likes the awareness-spreading effects of its "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign and is this week expanding it to Korea via local carrier KT. The premise is simple: bring your own smartphone to a participating store and square it off against a Windows Phone in a randomly chosen challenge to perform a simple, routine task. Any winners will be rewarded with 100,000 Korean won, which is around $90 in US currency, close to the $100 Microsoft offered at the promotion's outset in the US during the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The Korean version has been dubbed the Art of Speed and follows in the international footsteps of the Nokia-operated Lumia Challenge. You can see the calendar of planned events over on the official Facebook page, though don't get too excited if you're looking to match wits with the very latest Windows Phone — Korea Telecom only has the Lumia 710 on sale. For now.