App developer and augmented reality specialist Will Powell has created his own vision of what the Google Glasses project could look like, but unlike the range of mock-ups that appeared following the project's announcement, this one's for real. Using a pair of Vuzix display glasses, a couple of webcams (to create stereoscopic vision), a mic headset, and some custom-built software, Powell is able to check the weather, manage his calendar, and even take photos and send them to Google+ — all using his voice.

While the video above might look like an animation, Powell says that it's a recording of the live feed that's delivered to the glasses, and hasn't been manipulated. The interface is clean and snappy, providing the information you need without being obstructive, and the voice recognition works flawlessly — hardly surprising considering it's based on Dragon technology. Sadly for those of you thinking of giving it a shot, Powell hasn't provided instructions on how to make your own. But we're sure it'll provide inspiration to countless other modders out there to follow in Sergey's footsteps.