Will this marketing blitz help us gain big-developer attention?

I ask this in all seriousness. I purchased a Lumia 900, and since the first release of WP7 I have had an HTC HD2 with WP7 shoehorned onto it, 2x HTC HD7, a Samsung Focus, and a HTC HD7s. I think WP7 is a compelling OS that brings some cool things to the table, but thats roughly where my joy ends. It doesn't have the apps to keep me using the OS for more than a week before I get a hair bored.

Now we have the Lumia 900, which is a rock solid device as far as physical hardware goes. Sure, it could use a qHD (or better) display, but thats not a fault of Nokia and more of a ding against Microsoft. My biggest complaint though, the biggest issue that prevents me from switching to WP7 full time, would be the lack of good applications.

My "wants" include: Instagram, a fully-functional Facebook application, better multi-protocol chat clients, a browser that is more fully-featured and dare I say Webkit, newly refreshed Twitter app ala Tweetbot (currently using Rowi but its meh), and better more affordable games.

Affordable, you ask? $0.99 is the price point that iOS and Android really solidified as the ceiling for application pricing. They can go higher but rarely do, and it shouldn't be a standard if you're trying to gain traction. I don't want to pay 3x the cost for a WP7 version of an app I already have on iOS.

So we need developers to start producing more, and higher quality applications because lets face it, the Marketplace "top" lists are very, very blah. And I have hope that the new marketing blitz by Microsoft, Nokia, and AT&T will help. I'm doing my part and have dumped about 80 hours into writing a WP7 application, as well as a companion Windows client/server (can't go into details yet).

Some observations I made the last time I was in my local AT&T store:

  • There was a massive Nokia Windows Phone 7 tile-wall-display behind the checkout area
  • The sales people actually recommended WP7 to a customer looking at smartphones while I was there, saying it was the easiest most user friendly option (I was shocked because I was laughed at when I said I wanted an HTC Surround the day it was released)
  • EVERY store employee was using a Lumia 900 as their personal devices 3 days before the launch (I noticed when I went to go preorder)
  • My local AT&T store gave away $100 worth of accessories to everyone who pre-ordered
  • The Lumia 900 display was at the front of the store and not by the other WP7 devices (which are in the back corner), it was right next to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, and HTC Vivid
To me all of this shows that AT&T, Microsoft, and Nokia are dedicated to selling these devices. The $100 credit to all customers strengthens that point. So I ask (maybe I'm hoping), will this help bring the big-name developers over to WP7 and get them to focus on WP7 releases in tandem with iOS and Android releases?
FInally, just look at the screen quality difference between my 900 and HD7s. Side by side the HD7s looks terrible. E6rmll_medium