CDMA Windows Phones?

My friend on Verizon is very interested in upgrading from his launch Trophy, and we've been discussing the possibility of a Verizon Lumia 900 coming out. I know ATT has some exclusivity with the 900 foor a while, but that's only supposed to be something like 45 days, I believe.

Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of a Verizon Windows Phone launch? I know verizon customers are hurting for a new phone hardcore, and I'm struggling to see why this market has been completely and utterly ignored by every OEM since launch. I wonder how many people are stuck with android or the Verizon iPhone because there wasn't a windows phone available since the trophy, which is a fine device, but certainly doesn't belong being sold next to Gen 2 (and Gen 2.5?) windows phones on other networks.

Hopefully I can gain some insight on this topic, my friend bought his trophy with cash instead of his upgrade at launch to wait for a better WP on verizon, and he's still sitting on that upgrade.