It's no secret that RIM is having tough times, among its issues are the fact that a number of government agencies have started moving their employees away from BlackBerry and onto more modern and popular smartphone platforms. Despite this growing weakness in its core business and enterprise markets, BlackBerry has a friend in security firm Trend Micro — according to a recent study, BlackBerry 7 was rated the most secure OS on the market, with Apple's iOS trailing in second place. Windows Phone 7.5 managed to stay ahead of Android 2.3, which ranked last overall. Trend Micro rated the different mobile operating systems on a large number of different attributes (including device security, app security, firewalls, data protection, and more), and RIM came out with an average score of 2.89, much higher than the 1.70 that iOS scored.

BlackBerry 7 was particularly praised for the granular control it allows IT providers to have over devices, while Android was knocked for the vaguries of its permission-based app model — Trend Micro noted that, for the average user, "it is unclear when permissions are given and what the application is actually capable of." It's not often you see BlackBerry rated so highly over iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone... but we doubt that one study will really stop businesses from abandoning ship.