An alternative Windows 8 Metro experience

There have been a good few alternative Windows 8 desktop mockups on here - but the metro UI could be much improved imo.

It's far too simplistic as it is. I love the minimalism that metro, Windows 8 and Windows Phone bring, but Windows 8 can afford to do a little more with the extra screen estate.

Metro apps should look to closer emulate desktop apps, but more metro-fied.

The Windows 8 music app, for example, is hideous with almost zero functionality - a far cry from the zune software from which the metro look stemmed.

Likewise with IE, you shouldn't need to right click to navigate - people switch tabs every 2 minutes I read, so right-click to do this is not practical at all. Mimic the desktop IE... make the address bar smaller (extending when tapped/clicked on for entry) with tabs by the side. Right click would bring up thumbnail tabs as it currently does.


Windows 8 Music Metro mockup



Internet Explorer Metro mockup