Create a weekly 'eMagazine' roundup of editorials?


The editorials on the Verge are of a very high standard, I'm sure you will agree. What makes them differ from reviews is that they are also topical yet not bound by time. For example, reviews need to be out at a product launch and are out of date quickly, with little reason or need to read them a week or two after they are publish (unless you are buying a product later on). It's almost a shame that these high class editorials are lost in the wave of content that the Verge produces, they usually provide more insight and often are much more interesting and thought provoking than reviews.

So here is what I'm proposing; the Verge creates a weekly eMagazine of these editorials, built for reading on tablets. I would absolutely love a Newsstand Verge magazine for iPad, and I'm sure Android/tablet users have an equivalent preferred mechanism. Being able to download this weekly and browse through them all would be fantastic. The editorials are of a high enough standard and are topical enough that all this eZine would need is them and them alone, and with the Verge's penchant for high-res images it would look absolutely fantastic on a tablet. There would also be very little effort in putting this together as the content would already exist.