The recent hate aside, here is where Windows phone needs to improve.

Windows phone has gotten some great publicity lately, not great as in positive, but more attention that it ever has in the past year and a half since it's launch. After the famous snubbing in the smoked by windows phone incident, one that was corrected by Microsoft, and the very loud Lumia, and some would say the Titan II review that has errupted recently, it seems Microsoft is getting the spotlight it never really had for Windows phone, and a lot of future buyers are now hearing about the OS, so some things are going right for the platform. The other thing that has happened though is the analysis of the platform itself.

I have used a windows phone for maybe 4 and a half months, I purchased an HTC Radar 4g right after Christmas, and I have to say, it's my favorite phone yet, and I have owned semi flagship Androids (G1, MyTouch 3g, G2, Nexus S) and used iOS for well over two years, so I can't say I don't know anything about the mobile space, no matter how much Joshua T. would like to debate that fact. I love a phone that only has a gig of processing power and a subpar screen because of it's OS alone, I cannot say that for iOS or Android. The main point is the reasons why, it's fast, it has a fantastic music player, the integration of facebook and people app is wonderful, and the overall performance never ever disappoints. Also, metro is the future, using it, I now know what computing will look like when it's all over the subway walls and our tables are touchscreens, metro is it, here's the thing though, simplicity comes with a price, and that's functionality, to the core, windows phone is sort of stripped so it can be fast, and that's a problem to some, but not to me.

Windows phones first problem should be obvious to anyone who has used one, multitasking. The concept and testing is fast, stylish and makes sense, but the problem is developers, that can't seem to support the feature. Some apps have never been updated and are on the top 100 page in the marketplace, that's a problem. Once devs put active task switching into their apps, that is when windows phone will truly be toe to toe with android and iOS.

App support is not good, where's youtube's official youtube app google? Maybe that's the plan, maybe Google knows this thing is a threat and doesn't want to treat MS users to real youtube in hopes to migrate them over to ICS, who knows, and who cares? Windows phone performs flawlessly, it's only problems are with the developers. Get angry at Rovio, Google, Zynga, Popcap, EA, and all the other companies and developers that have half assed efforts that make the entire platform look bad.

That wasn't really the large amount of problems I have with the platform that can be address quickly, so here's all my gripes, nit picky or not:

Media volume and ringer volume are the same thing.

Good games are too expensive, seriously achievement mean nothing to a lot of people, don't charge them like they do.

Task switching needs to be both supported and be faster.

Cut down on all of the animations.

Web browser needs chrome like tabs.