Windows Phone & the Path to Success; Ideas & thoughts to improve a platform.



I'll admit that I haven't had a Windows Phone as a daily driver. Over the past couple years I've noticed a few things that Microsoft can do to increase excitement over their platform. I currently use a Samsung Nexus S but smartphones I have owned in the past are the HTC S621, BlackBerry 8700g, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, BlackBerry 9900. Although I will say that I don't believe WP7 is worth switching to yet.

Soon, but not yet.

I felt the same way with iOS though; Version 2 added the App Store, Version 3 with Cut and Paste. Version 4 added Multitasking and finally 5.0 with Notification Center. iOS went through a transitional period that helped it grow as an operating system and I feel WP7 has to do the same. It has to nail notifications, multitasking (and not having to refresh applications even though thats mainly the developers fault) and integration.

MSFT has to get rid of the strict hardware limitation they have with WP7 and let the OEMs have some freedom with their products. This hardware limitation is causing stagnation in their products and (even if the OS doesn't require it) Do what other companies are doing and release updated hardware specs per year. Tango (or WP8) will improve on memory requirements so it will eliminate fragmentation. I'm not saying that we need to see Dual core phones but I'm saying 720p screens should be in. There's no reason the HTC Titan II should ship with an 800x480 screen at 4.7".

MSFT should be proactive in communicating with developers to try to get quality AAA-applications on their platforms that work flawlessly. Those applications should be a showcase/reason for why you need to get a phone running WP7.

Apple has done it. Google is doing it. This is what needs to be done to change the game.