My Galaxy Nexus has arrived!

My first Android device, after having an Original iPhone imported early 2008, an iPad, too many iPods to count and an iPhone 4 as my main phone, perhaps my most beloved device.

I love many things about the Nexus, after using it only a couple hours, the screen size feels cool, makes my iPhone look "tiny" (but perhaps "tiny" in a good way, the iPhone feels beautiful, gorgeous, metal and glass, the Nexus feels like an infinitely wide, infinitely thin television remote, hollow plastic, yuck).

I'd really appreciate your seasoned Android advice on what things I should try out with my Galaxy Nexus! :-)

I've played with the easter egg when you tap multiple times on the version (4.0.2, it updated today near instantly...felt so cool seeing that little 8MB or so update coming over the wire, I'm using my iPhone as a Personal Hotspot.....although I felt incredibly sad for my friends using skinned Android devices, who'll never get these updates like I did, BOOM, and it was done....)

Once I figured out Market (which updated to Play), felt a little fiddly at first, the apps seem to be WAY lower quality than on iOS (ie, searching for Galaxy Nexus to get the update checker, a million "Galaxy Nexus" wallpaper apps, crappy looking LED torch apps, a PAID version of the Galaxy Nexus booting animation, the bright colours which flicker and fade....who the hell would pay for that, a MB or so .MP4 located on the phone already somewhere.....), I got the update checker eventually, and ta da! I've almost never been so happy in my life to see this, on my brand new Galaxy Nexus :-)


I like how notifications work, and overall, I'm very excited to try the phone out more.

Main things I dont like so far, the build quality of the hardware, especially the hideous back, the way many apps feel......"linux like", unpolished, ie Google Music, the default app feels......not equal to the iPod Touch/"Music" app on my iPhone 4, kinda....laggy with its animations, transitions, I think I can notice the pentile quality of the screen, things feel kinda "fuzzy", its a feeling more than something I notice consciously, looking close its obviously not the same as my year old iPhone 4

Main things I'm excited about! Future Android updates, finding out about new apps, and showing my friends my great new phone!

Thank you for your time, I'd love to hear any advice you have to offer :-)

Thank you :-)