VergeWide v1.1: Experience The Verge in widescreen

Icon-trim_mediumVergeWide Browser Extension

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New in 1.1:

  • Safari version
  • Centered images on the homepage and articles (borders on both sides instead of extending only to the right)
  • Fixed some issues with the reply box overflowing (specifically for deeply nested comments)
  • Fixed an issue with the first row on the Products pages
  • Various tweaks and formatting corrections


Whitespace: the bane of widescreens everywhere. Better on the outside than in the middle (see: Google+ redesign), but best when that extra space is filled in with content instead! VergeWide works on, coercing the default 1020px wide layout into a 1440px configuration. The goal is to deliver a better experience when browsing The Verge on large displays.

If you're looking for a widescreen layout for The Verge, I might know a guy...


Icon-heading_mediumHow it Works

VergeWide applies a custom CSS style sheet when you're visiting The Verge. On the home page, column layouts are stretched wider. Articles are bigger. Images are extended in Features. And the content area is expanded on most all other pages.

Ultimately this is something that I hope The Verge developers will tackle themselves, but in the interim I hope that VergeWide can hold you over :)



I've also made some slight usability tweaks that I have noticed during my time on the site, including:

  • Increasing the size of the reply box
  • Enlarged 'New Articles' drop down menu for improved readability
  • Reduced the footer height



I'm still working on the finer details, so be mindful of that when using VergeWide. If you experience any problems or have any suggestions let me know here; I'll do my best to keep this up-to-date, so be sure to check back for updates, too. And thanks to Rubber Duck for his thread inspiring this.

You can also email me (revaerie at gmail) to submit feedback. If you're experiencing a bug, please include your OS, browser details, and extension version. Screenshots can be helpful too.