Back in 2010, Facebook introduced a feature called "download your information" — this gave users a one-click way to archive their Facebook content, including photos, posts, messages, and more. Today, the company is rolling out an update that adds a few more categories of data to your data archive: previous names, all your friend requests, and all the IP addresses you've logged on from are now included in the "download your information" feature. As before, you can find this data in your Facebook account settings — it takes Facebook a little bit to gather all of your data, but once it's done you'll get an email with your whole Facebook history (excluding comments you've made on other people's posts, and photos / status updates from your friends). So if you're planning to jump ship from Facebook, you can grab your whole history before pulling the plug.

Update: According to the New York Times, this new data will be rolling out gradually to users over the coming weeks, so don't be alarmed if your backups don't contain these new categories just yet. Facebook isn't done updating this feature yet, either —"download your information" should contain more categories of data in the future.