Canon made a lot of digital filmmakers happy with the EOS C300, but it also received a lot of criticism for limiting its recording to just 1080p — great for web video, not so great for traditional moviemaking. That changes today with the introduction of the EF-mount C500 and PL-mount C500PL, which offer 4K resolution and and RAW output to go head-to-head with cameras like the RED Scarlet. Inside, the C500 uses a new 8.85-megapixel Super 35 sensor and records at 50mbps video at anywhere from 1 to 60fps. There's also a pair of new Cinema lenses available in either EF or PL mounts: a 30-105 f/2.8 and a 30-150 f/2.8. No word on pricing or availability for any of this stuff yet, but we're hoping to hear more as the NAB show ramps up.