Amazon Prime, the online retail giant's $79 / year program that offers free two-day shipping, has offered more and more perks over the years to its subscribers. The most noteworthy is probably the free streaming video service, but it sounds like the company is getting ready to bring more features to Prime users. Amazon has posted a job listing for a software development engineer to join the "Prime Expansion" team. While it isn't clear specifically what projects this engineer would work on, Amazon's post notes that the work will allow Amazon Prime to be "easily expanded to allow Prime customers to enjoy benefits on a growing list of Amazon locales and beyond." Without reading too much into this, it sounds like this is simply Amazon working to bring the Prime program to more locations, but it's also possible that Amazon could be looking to bring new benefits to Prime users as well. It may be months or even years before this work comes to fruition, but it's good to know the company is trying to bring its subscribers some value beyond free shipping and the Prime video catalog.