Dolby 3D technology is nothing new, but today Dolby and Philips jointly announced a new 3D HD format and set of technologies that the companies hope will offer a glasses-free 3D viewing experience on devices of all sizes. Philips and Dolby are hoping that its format will allow "broadcasters, operators, content aggregators, and device manufacturers to deliver HD-quality 3D on any device. Initially, the project will focus on working with display panel and "entertainment device" OEMs to make viewing 3D just as easy and comfortable as watching 2D is today.

According to a Dolby Labs VP, the companies want the Dolby 3D mark to mean the same thing for video as Dolby currently does for audio — ""when [consumers] see Dolby 3D content on a 3D-enabled device, it will look its very best." It's not entirely clear yet how and when this technology will start rolling out, but it's just the kind of kickstart the 3D market needs — despite ever-present advertising and a vast number of movies coming out in 3D, the technology isn't exactly winning over the living room the way things are now. Dolby and Philips will be showing this technology off next week at NAB, and we'll be there to check it out and see how this new technology is progressing.