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**EDIT 19/04/12**

After discovering Wiztiles I am no longer compelled to follow through with the app itself however I am turning the tile art I have done into themes for Wiztiles. is the link for The Verge tile theme and I will post the theme that contains transparent versions for everything soon. For the future posts just check my Deviantart plus I will update this again.

Thanks for all of your support.

**END EDIT 19/04/12**

Hello fellow Vergers,

I am currently amidst developing an app to give the ability to pin metro styled web links to you're home screen so you don't have to suffer the dreaded thumbnail anymore. My current list for sites is short and I would really like your help in discovering good mobile sites for this project. The app should be up in the next couple of weeks and the best thing is it will be FREE WITH NO ADS.

My app will work with web pages, YouTube channels and essentially any other form of web link but would really like mobile compatible ones and I will add a section for custom. This is a quick snapshot of what is possible. Text on tiles will be optional and if anyone has any extra ideas they want actualised feel free to comment. Constructive criticism welcome and if anyone wanted to submit a metro styled icon for a site feel free and you will be given full credit.

I will email out to people who's comments sound interested when the app is up.

Here is a taste of what can be done.

Rtibg4_medium At4ip_medium 21ec40x_jpg_medium Zvvecp_medium 2el4lt4_medium Ngosqe_medium


BTW Google is only there because I respect their mobile site so MS purists don't start here.