Thoughts on the Lumia 900's Camera Performance

Hi all, just a quick shout out -

I've been seeing quite a few posts/comments out there (V-forums, tech sites, etc.) saying how the L900's imaging performance is lacking and on about the i4s/other smartphone w/camera is performing better etc.

Now, it's my impression that all along, the difference is actually due to the different way in which raw image data is converted into the final viewable/displayed image - do correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that photos taken on AAPL's offerings go through more processing to make the final image more contrasty/visually appealing and "immediately" usable, whereas Nokia's offerings tend to be focused on retaining as much usable data from the shot (ie. minimal processing) to end up with less LOOK-AT-ME-NOW shots, to allow for more editing/user post-processing capability later on. [Is the lumia camera bound to WP image processing? Or is there no such thing?]

It's probably not the best comparison, but assuming the camera optics themselves are similar, I do believe that the imaging algorithms are where most of the magic happens* - And herein lies my concern - Is it fair to judge these imaging devices the same way? I think it's clear that if this were the case, we'd be ignoring the different uses that different people may have for smartphone cameras - lets just say 2 main camps.

  1. HELL YES - I want my images to be usable off the camera!
  2. Leave my photo modification to me - I'd like to exercise my own judgement on my photo.
I can see why some users might like one option more than the other - (1s) might be more FBish people, mobile uploads all the time, or just maybe less knowledgeable about photo post processing, whereas (2s) [like me] probably value the additional tweakability of the image more.**,^

(* - allow me to quote this as some sort of comparison between nokia and apple offerings. I know the phones in the article are of a different generation compared to what we have now, but just to give you an idea of what I mean by a different displayed image.)

** - Huge assumption made: that the images on the Nokia would be less lossy than the iphone equivalent. Is anybody willing and able to test this? I unfortunately do not have access to either an i4s or a L900. ): Would be a fun project too :D Or would The Verge like to embark on this :D

^ - Consumers described are in no means or matter intended to be exhaustive - merely for illustrative effect.

I understand this post doesn't seem to have any direction - that's honestly the case - I'm just throwing out some thoughts to see if any discussion might grow from here!

Thank you, kind soul, for reading.
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