Should Newsstand Apps Be Treated Like iBooks?

SO I've been wanting to get a new iPad, mostly because I could subscribe to magazines in a way that's super easy and convenient. So i was playing around with my mom's iPad (1 gen) and I was a little turned off by how each magazine had its own app meaning that it had its own UI, methods of downloading, visual effects etc.

I think magazines on the iPad could really be easier to use if they all followed the same kind of structure, sort of like iBooks. But there are still a few problems:

Newspapers: The NY Times doesn't have new issues on the iPad, it updates throughout the day, and many many other news apps do this as well.

Some companies are willing to put in the work and others aren't. This means that you'll have a few magazines that are wonderful and engaging and are great experiences, but other magazines are simply PDFs with terrible UIs.

Some news apps are just that: apps. They don't have issues and they don't go into the Newsstand. But they're still news. What to do with them?

Here's my solution:


News apps would go into something like that blank section below the magazines.

iBooks Author should be updated to create magazine and newspaper apps for publishers who don't want to create their own. So basically when you read a magazine from one of those publishers, you would use the same UI, navigation tools, and they would have access to the same features (like tweeting articles or whatever). If a publisher wanted to put in the work to create their own app, it would show up along side the other magazines all the same.

What do you think?