Google has just announced its first quarter 2012 earnings, and the data looks positive for the company — it pulled in $8.14 billion in revenue (excluding traffic acquisition costs), which is 24 percent higher than its earnings last year during the same period. The growth is on pace with Google's Q4 2011 earnings, which rose 25 percent year on year. AllThingsD reports that Google's revenue is slightly below Wall Street's estimate of around $8.15 billion.

Google also reports that its cash on hand (including cash equivalents and securities) now totals $49.3 billion. The company's board has also approved a new 2-for-1 stock split that will give investors one new share of non-voting stock for each current share they hold. While CEO Larry Page gave a positive report on Google's progress in the earnings call, citing Google+ users and daily Android installations, no new statistics were provided.