Verizon and Time Warner promised that they would start cross-selling services this year after their historic (and controversial) spectrum-swap deal was announced, and things are kicking off today: Verizon and Time Warner stores in Kansas City (Kansas), Toledo and Columbus (Ohio), and Raleigh (North Carolina) will now offer products and services from the other company in package deals. There's no direct integration beyond just cross-selling, though: you'll still get different bills from each company, and it's not clear if there's any notable per-month savings over buying things separately. That said, customers who do sign up for a package will receive a $200 rebate in the form of a debit card, so it's not a bad deal if you already have both services going and want to consolidate.

Verizon and Time Warner say the bundled deals will roll out to more communities over the coming months, so we'll keep an eye on that — as well as how the FCC and DOJ perceive this latest move as they continue to investigate the deal.