Sorry Josh

I'm not apologising on the behalf of the Microsoft fanboys. I can't speak on their behalf. But I do think it's weird and a bit overwhelming that your site is being taken over by Microsoft fanboys and their disdain for you.

I think this has gone from severe disagreements to straight conspiracy theories about why you hate Microsoft. Of course, I think it's crazy to think you "hate" Microsoft and intentionally want to bring them down.

I think Microsoft and their fans have been the butt of jokes from the tech community and you guys (The Zune jokes keep coming). Microsoft doesn't really come into the discussion sometimes and some fans feel left out. I honestly think that the fans finally have something to celebrate it with Windows Phone and the Lumia and you kind of crushed their spirits.(I disagreed with some aspects of the review but I didn't think it was that awful)

Still, I do think it's deplorable that you and your site get continually spammed by the fanboys. There can be disagreements about how you view Microsoft and some points can be made for that but still, there's a line that was crossed.

I hope civility returns to the site. Have a nice day