The man behind the seminal work in Japanimation is back with a 3,000-piece exhibition of original artwork, a new short film, and plans for a new manga series.

In Japan, manga and anime are seemingly everywhere and all-encompassing — something grown men and women indulge in without a second thought. At 3331 Arts Chiyoda, a former junior high school turned art gallery near Akihabara Station, the man who defined these artforms for a generation of readers and viewers is front and center. Katsuhiro Otomo, the mind and hands behind Akira, is posing for photos with giggling, excited visitors. Otomo is here to unveil his Gengaten — an exhibition of 3,000 of the pieces he's produced over his 39 years as an illustrator; among them are the 2,300 original pages composing the Akira manga series. I managed to score an invitation to the private viewing before the Gengaten opens to the public, letting me check out the exhibit and catch a sneak peek at his new short film, Hi no Youjin (Combustible).

And I got to try on Kaneda's jacket.