Google Play has expanded its market reach to four new countries, opening its doors to app developers in the Czech Republic, Israel, Mexico, and Poland. With today's announcement, developers in these four countries will now be able to sell their apps and in-app products on Google's freshly rebranded platform. Once they've created a Google Play developer account, users will be able to upload their apps and price them in any available currency, while receiving payments to their own local bank accounts. They can also accept payments in local currency, though developers in Israel and Mexico who have been selling apps through an AdSense account may need to set up a separate developer account to do so (Google will send out e-mails to these users with further instructions on the migration process).

Today's announcement is just the latest in a series of moves to promote paid content on Google's unified platform, as part of the company's ongoing efforts to move away from an exclusively ad-based revenue stream. And, despite some hiccups, Google seems intent on pursuing these efforts even further. To get started, you can set up your own account over at Google's Android Developer Console.