Google Project Glass and when the heck did we become so jaded

(the fact that I felt the need to post this makes me sad)

Okay guys, what the hell happened to us? No, you know what, I'm not gonna be PC about it - what the hell happened to you?? When the heck so many of you have become so cynical and jaded?

Remember when you used to get excited about new gadgets? Remember when you used to dream of jet packs and flying cars and other cool stuff? Well, I bet one of those other cool things was some sort of augmented reality HUD, maybe in a cool helmet, or glasses, or even implanted right in the eye.

Yet here we are - Google has shared a concept they're working on, even more than that, they even have a prototype in the wild; and it's a HUD, not unlike the ones we read of in sci-fi books and saw in movies. It's voice activated, has access to all sorts of information, you can call, you can text, you can bring up a freaking map(!), like in video games, guys!

And what do I see in at least half the comments... no I think it's even more than that, it feels like two thirds, or even three quarters. It seems like in the majority of comments I see hate, I see mocking, I see dismissal, I see trolling. "Google is now gonna know when I go to the bathroom!", "Google gonna shove ads in my face!", "I'm gonna stumble and fall because the HUD will obscure my vision!" - learn to walk you wanker!!

I mean what the F guys?? Can you not for a moment in time just chill the f*** out and marvel at the age we live in? And accept project glass for what it is - a bunch of kids who grew up to be genius engineers and programmers working on something they've dreamed about their whole lives, like we all did, and making it a reality.

Louis CK was right - everything is amazing and nobody is happy.