Vergecraft: Verge City needs our help

I've just walked through Verge City for the first time in a few days and it's made me sad.

Some great work was done recently to remove the stone roof over the great mineshaft and replace it with a park at ground level.

However since then, several stone towers have started to pop up. Some are just pillars, others only got as far as a ground floor and penthouse. Some are ugly glass structures with nothing in them.
They are a blight on the landscape and the one that's caused the redirection of the main walkway is just inappropriately placed.

Several buildings are griefed, includig the glowstone shop and the enterprise which is missing some of its front windows.

The whole thing just feels chaotic now, things are being placed anywhere without thought to others around.

I'd like to start to renovate and clean up places but i don't want to be seen as a griefer who's tearing up other peoples properties. I thought i'd post here first and get some feedback before going any further.

I know everyone is focused on the pyramid, but lets not let Verge City fall into disrepair in the process.