STM Small Alley for 13 MBP Bag - Anyone got one?

If you have I have some questions:

After 5 years the zip has gone on my lowepro tropolis and I have decided I don't need/want to carry as much crap around so I want a smaller bag. I would have loved to get a smaller tropolis backpack but they dont make them anymore, so the questions.

  1. Is the laptop compartment totally sealed when both the flaps are closed - slightly worried that water may get in a downpour - this has been answered on the apple store but I am not so sure*
  2. Will the top flap close and velcro down properly when carrying chargers and mouse? Again I would like a proper seal so nothing gets wet also I would want the bag to look neat and not crumpled when fully loaded.
  3. Is the laptop compartment sufficiently padded so you don't need a sleeve?




Apple Store*: STM Small Alley for 13,3" MacBook - Carbon