iPad Case...need suggestions

Here is my conundrum:

I have recently bought my first Apple product on this Earth, the new iPad. Although I love the form factor my three year old loves to play with it as well. I'm fine with that but I want a bit of protection while still keeping it classy. Compounding the issue is the, unfortunate, fact that I have to walk between 4-5 blocks and don't want to carry it out in the open. The fear of dropping it or having someone bump into me and losing the grip is to high for me so I've been looking at case options.

I had looked at the Dodo Case but was not really liking the way the wood was built into the moleskin/whatever/texture.

I then looked to Portenzo ... I like that form factor from the Dodo.

There were a few others that I looked at as well. I'm leaning towards the Portenzo but I'm uncertain if lack of knowledge on the subject is automatically ruling out other great products. Any Google search that I do just keeps coming up with the same 7 links. I really like that bookish form factor and I'm leaning towards Portenzo because of the extra options it has for viewing angles with it's option built in form break there.

What do you guys think? Is it a good one (reviews are mixed) are there better ones in the same type of style? I'm trying to keep it under $100.