What should I do with lots of old PCs?

So this is my situation:

a. I just lost my Mac partition while messing with Windows 8 on Bootcamp, which prompted me to start backing up my data. Thanks the crap for Dropbox which has my 1Password data file, otherwise I'd really be screwed

b. My dad sold his company. Long story short, we have a room full of old PCs, towers and laptops, with no resale alike for me to pilfer an cannibalize.

So now what creative ideas can the community give me? Should I set up a multiple monitor thingy with my MBP (my only machine) or create a new awesomesauce gaming PC with tons of RAM and HDD space or upgrade my laptop as much as possible? IMHO we have enough parts for all three, but I want better ideas. Not to complex though, I'm 13.