How to solve the Windows Phone app problem: Microsoft's approach

So we know that so far Microsoft has tried a number of ways to solve the app problem:

- They've tried to create enthusiasm among developers by giving them free swag, advertising on colleges, etc.

- They've often just paid companies to make their popular apps for WP.

Clearly this has worked in some cases and has not in others. Many popular apps are available on WP, but many of the really popular ones are not (Pandora, Draw Something, many bank ones).

In WP8, it seems like Microsoft is taking a whole new approach. From the leaked information about WP8, it seems like Microsoft is spending less time on adding features to the OS, and much more or redoing the guts of WP8 so that it runs the same kernel as Windows 8.

I would guess here that this is primarily so that it makes it really really easy to port apps between Windows and WP: all you'll need to do is relayout some UI elements to fit on the smaller form-factor, and you're done! This seems to be an interesting way to solve the app problem. We know that developers will make apps for Windows 8, cause it's Windows: (case in point, Chrome and Firefox are already in development, before the release of the OS!) With very little work to be done to port that app to WP8, hopefully developers would do that too.

What do you guys think, will this strategy work? Why or why not?