So I calculated how much I've spent on iTunes...

Since I got my first Apple device, a 2nd generation iPod touch in December 2008, I have spent a total of $2136.79. Each number in the screenshot below is the total of each page of purchases in iTune's purchase history. It's interesting to see that soon after I got my iPod, I spent exorbitant amounts on apps and music, and when I got my 4th gen iPod touch, MacBook Air and 3rd gen iPad I also spent a lot. At least I know that I've contributed about $1500 to iOS developers (70%).


I also calculated how much I've spent on Apple hardware: $4460, or $4755 including accessories.


Grand total: $6891.79. Should be about $8k by October with the 6th generation iPhone. Strange to think that I've been living with my parents up until 2011, and now I'm a poor student, and I've spent almost $7000 on apple products and apps. Where did I get all that money from? :)

So how much have you guys spent (approximately) on Apple hardware and software?