I say we stop using the word 'ecosystem' until it gains meaning.

I shake my head every time the verge or tested.com mentions ecosystem in an OS and fail to even define what they think ecosystem even means. When the lumia 900 review blew up, and people were saying windows phone was ranked too low on ecosystem, the verge ranking that section a 4, I didn't know what to think. Not because of the low score, but because the verge has never explained what ecosystem means. If they straight up said, ecosystem to us means app amount and quality, fine, then it probably deserves a four right now, but that is a little low, but whatever, that's fair. BUT, if the verge said they rank it as clients, so a video client, music, app store and connectivity, like skydrive, then I personally think ecosystem would be more deserving of a higher score on windows phone than iOS.

I am not fighting the sides of windows phone versus ios and android, I just want the verge to come out and say exactly what the word means to them. Is it apps and accessories, is it apps and connectivity, all of them together, only one? How can I read a review and get something out of it when it's being purposely cryptic?