The next iPad

Thoughts on the specs of the next iPad (2013):

Virtually identical screen as the current iPad (2012), perhaps better contrast/ response time.

Slightly thinner/ much lighter. I could see a slight crop of the size of the bezel to make it an all around smaller device.

The home button might be left out, relying completely on gestures for navigation. This would allow the user to truly hold the iPad in any orientation.

Storage would start at 32GB and move up to 128GB from there. I think this is really needed with more 1080p video and retina apps. And being an Applelossless user, I would love to see improved value in storage.

All new A6 processor. Quad core SoC and 12 core graphics.

8 megapixel iSight camera from the iPhone 4S and optics from the new iPhone (iPhone 5). Video recording options (hopefully a feature in iOS 6), would allow you to choose from 480, 720, and 1080p.

Improved FaceTime camera. Would be the same one on the back of the current iPad (2012), so 5 megapixels and optics from the iPhone 4S. I realize what a huge leap this would be from the current VGA camera that's 2 years old (from the iPhone 4). I think this would actually be one of the most important upgrades, because it would mean that FaceTime chats would be beautiful. It's really necessary to have this kind of camera for the retina display and apps that do some kind of photoboothing. Having some special low light processing would be great too so you wouldn't have to worry as much about how your picture looks. And while we're at it,

FaceTime over 4G on all carriers.

Dock connector capable of connecting through ThunderBolt and accessing the full potential of it's speeds for syncing.

EDIT: See drwitwicki's comment below. Apparently thunderbolt only works with devices with some kind of Intel connection which an ARM based system wouldn't support. I'll leave the idea up here because who knows, Apple may figure something out.

Revamped speakers. Stereo, so there would be speakers on the back or front/ side edge on the left and right side of the device when held in landscape view. The speakers would know what orientation the device is being held in and adjust the right/ left channels accordingly. This is also a big upgrade because it would mean a much better gaming/ music/ movie watching experience.

Both 4G and non-4G versions would have assisted GPS capabilities. (So I just pulled the sim card out of my iPhone 4 and turned off the WiFi and the GPS still worked fine. So apparently you don't really need either to have location detection.)

Forced WiFi hotspot capabilities so carriers wouldn't be able to choose whether or not you have access to the functionality.

Siri on those iPads with 4G capabilities. This would probably be the deal that Apple would have to make with carriers for the above ideas to go through. Another deal they could make with the carriers:

Price for upgrade iPad to include cellular antenna would go from $130 to much less, maybe like $70 or $50.

More rapid battery charging.

2GB of RAM.


Would love to see the iLife apps come with the iPad for free, or could at least get a download code to redeem it for free.

Widgets on homescreen. See, my feeling is that widgets actually require an upgraded processor SoC and graphics chip and RAM. I think Apple would love to have widgets on the homescreens if they ran smoothly. They would be purchasable as well, opening up a new market in the App Store. Then again they could also be connected to apps or even just like large icons, so when tapped, it would open the app. There's lots of though on this that's better than mine. I tend to like Appstache's.

Screensharing on FaceTime.

Get rid of the stitched leather. Please merciful God. The contacts and calendar apps of useless to me. The display size of 9.7" and 3.5" do not at all allow for wasted space, which is all that stitched leather is.

Obviously there's tons of space to talk about software, these are just a few big ones.

Ideas about the design:

Possibly the edges around the sides of the device would completely curve around (think discontinued white MacBook) to give it a "perfect" look. The glass and the aluminum would then have equal surface area as the glass would meet the aluminum at the exact center of the side of the device. This is just an idea, I realize it won't be too attractive to those that like durability, and it would mean that the smart cover could damage the glass if it hit it too often and rapidly. If this became a real problem then the aluminum from the back could ride up the sides a little bit more than half way.

What ideas do you have? Think my ideas make any sense?