is voicemail going to be obsolete?

with social networks like twitter, facebook, google plus, etc, IM messengers such as skype, google talk, windows messenger, as well as audio message services including talkbox, weixin, and let's not forget text messages, it seems to me that voice mail is becoming obsolete, since there are so many new ways of leaving a message.

from my personal point of view, i prefer messages in text format instead of audio format. the reason for that is audio message has its limitations. the biggest problem i have with audio message has something to do with its quality. if whoever sent the voice mail happened to be in a noisy environment, such as in the street or beside a lake where it's very windy, the message wouldn't be clear. besides, if that person has a weird accent or talks really fast, the message wouldn't be clear either. text based messages solve these issues. they are clear, to the point (because if you're leaving a text based message, you don't want to type too many words.), efficient and clear.

i know not all people like to READ messages. some still prefer listening to them. but with all those aforementioned audio message service options out there, voice mail becomes only one of many ways of leaving an audio message.

i'm not saying that it's obsolete now, but do think it's going to be?