iOS 6.

In my opinion, iOS 6 is the next big apple "product" to look forward to. iOS 5 did such a great job in tying up the loose ends, that I can honestly not predict what iOS 6 will bring.

For this thread, everyone list the following:

  1. Features you expect to see in iOS 6 (100% odds in your opinion)
  2. Features you hope to see in iOS 6 (50% odds in your opinion)
  3. Features you would love to see, but are dark horses (10% chance of less in your opinion))

I'll start:

  1. 100%: Expose-like multitasking, Some sort of widget implementation
  2. 50%: Two apps running at once (think of windows 8 split screen), Siri for every device running dual core!
  3. 10%: iCloud "real" File system (think the new document view in Mountain Lion)