Movie Idea: Inside/Conspiracy

During Vergecast 014 Josh and Paul came up with the idea that Anonymous could be infiltrated or run (or even fabricated) by the big media groups in order to scare Congress into passing bills like SOPA and allowing those companies total control of the internet. The idea being that everything that was happening (like websites going down) was an inside job. Josh thought the title of the movie should be Inside while Paul was thinking about something along the lines of True Conspiracy - they both agreed on the tag line "The True Conspiracy Lies Where You Least Expect It."

I thought the title "Inside" was too much of a spoiler (which the tag line would hint at, but wouldn't fully give away) and "True Conspiracy" was a bit repetitive with the tag line. I decided the movie would be Conspiracy and use the double meaning tag line.

Here's a mock-up of the poster:



The idea behind the poster is that a congressman or CEO is wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and acting as Anonymous.