Silicon Valley, a land ruled by engineers, programmers, and venture capitalists is seeing an incredible influx of design hires due to the success of apps like Instagram, a new report by Reuters details. Justin Edmund, a 21-year old designer cited by Reuters, worked on Facebook's design team and has since helped develop the visual aesthetic that helped make Pinterest so popular. The "new breed" of Valley people are dubbed "user experience designers" and can fetch as much as $80,000 for an entry level position. In some situations, designers are becoming embedded in the conceptIon of new features — Facebook, for example, has begun assigning a designer to consult with a team of engineers led by a project manager. Nicholas Felton, one of its data experts, is credited for inventing the "Timeline" profile pages the company recently rolled out. "Experience is now the material, not ceramic or plastic," the School of Visual Arts' Liz Danzico said. Check out the rest of the fascinating report at Reuters.