Is the Nexus S still a good phone?

My AT&T contract will be ending soon, and so I'm looking to upgrade my HTC Aria (one of the first Android phones on AT&T).

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • Runs Android 4.0 (ICS).
  • Doesn't have a custom skin.
  • Not super-expensive.
  • Is reliable. The specs on my Aria are awful compared to just about every single Android phone out there. The low internal memory means that I can't even install a lot of apps. Yes, you heard that right.

The Galaxy Nexus is my dream phone right now, but I probably won't be switching to the networks that it's on (Verizon and possibly Sprint). Not hating here, I'm on a family plan and it's not really up to me to decide who to switch to. Also, it's priced at a hefty $300; for someone that will be going to college soon and needs other more important tech (like a new laptop), it's not something that I am willing to pay for.

So then I thought, why not the previous Nexus, the Nexus S? It runs circles around my current Aria, is upgradable to ICS, is now free with a contract, and is still one super sexy phone. There are a few things that disappoint me about it, like no HD camera (or so I heard), and it's not dual core. Not huge letdowns, but I need some more convincing.

To all Nexus S owners and Android enthusiasts, is the Nexus S still a good phone for me to lock myself into another 2 year contract for? It fits most of my needs (stock Android, latest updates, etc.), but I'm scared that it may be underpowered by today's standards and won't fulfill my daily needs.

Update: Sprint is allowing pre-orders for the Galaxy Nexus for $200. If I get lucky enough to be able to switch to Sprint, I might go with it considering the Nexus S is the same price unlocked (and everyone so far suggested against getting it with a contract).