It looks like the Asus Transformer Prime GPS saga is coming to a close. After complaints about poor positioning performance, Asus has announced that it is going to give owners a free GPS dongle that should drastically improve the accuracy and speed of lock-ons. Now the company has officially opened up the program, and if you own the Tegra 3-powered tablet you can register to have the dongle shipped to you. Unfortunately, the dongle — which plugs into the proprietary docking connector at the bottom of the tablet — is quite larger than we were hoping for and it cannot be used in conjunction with the keyboard accessory. Asus doesn't provide an estimated shipping date, but the offer will end come July 31st. If you want to avoid having to choose between your keyboard and a GPS dongle next time you leave the house, it looks like your only option is to buy the new and improved Transformer Pad Infinity or Transformer Pad 300. However, if you'd like to claim your GPS dongle, be sure to check the source link for all the instructions.