There have been plenty of rumors about the imminent arrival of Google Drive, but TechCrunch has allegedly picked up something a bit more substantial. A download link provided by an anonymous source served up a Google Drive app for Mac OS X. At the moment, the app doesn't do much of anything: try to start it up, and after entering your credentials you're alerted that Google Drive has yet to be activated for your account.

While the app is something of a dead end, its existence fits neatly into the predictions we've seen for an incoming launch. Just a few days ago, online diagramming service Lucidchart accidently leaked information about Google Drive integration. And earlier today, a report from The Next Web claimed that Google Drive will be launching sometime next week, and offering 5GB of free storage. Mere coincidences? Possibly – we've yet to see any definitive proof that Google Drive is launching any time soon, but all of these coincidences are starting to pile up.