Sony has announced Nasne, a digital media box with built-in satellite and terrestrial TV tuners that will connect to several of the company's products. Many of the features are taken from the similarly-named Torne, a PlayStation 3 TV tuner accessory that uses the console's hard drive to record TV broadcasts. Nasne has a 500GB hard drive of its own, however, and will extend deeper into the Sony ecosystem by letting Sony Tablet and Xperia phone users access recorded content when on the same home network. There will also be an app for the PS Vita, which currently offers limited streaming ability with Torne, and VAIO users will be able to watch and record TV broadcasts from their computers. Nasne can be used as a standard media storage and playback device, too, and its capacity is expandable via external hard drives.

Unlike the Apple TV-esque Torne, Nasne is designed to stand vertically, and its curved shape is reminiscent of the PlayStation 3 (though at 43mm x 189mm x 136mm it's considerably more diminutive). It'll ship with version 4.0 of the Torne software, suggesting that the original PS3 add-on will get similar functionality, but the extended compatibility with other devices could be taken as a sign that the company wants to make good on its 'One Sony' unification message. That is, if Nasne ever makes it out of Japan — it'll be out in Sony's home market on July 19th for 16,980 yen (about $211), but if Torne is anything to go by that's exactly where it'll stay.