Facebook discretely added a "Listen" button to musicians' pages today, making the social network a bit more friendly for those looking to do some music discovery. The new button should be live now on your favorite artists' pages right below the cover photo, sitting directly aside the famous "Like" button. When you press "Listen," Facebook will automatically open up whatever streaming music service you've previously used with the social network (if it's one of Facebook's music partners like Spotify, MOG, and Rdio) or it will let you choose which one you'd like to use. In Spotify it takes you straight to the artist's main page in the app and starts playing the first song in the "Top Hits" section. Once the music streaming app is open, pressing the "Listen" button on another artist page brings up a song nearly instantly. This is just the latest music service Facebook has added — in January it introduced its Turntable.fm-like "listen with friends" feature, and its "frictionless sharing" automatically tells friends every song you listen to from many streaming services.