Transformer Prime v. New iPad

I'm going to be in the market for a decent tablet, soon. I've always lusted over the Prime, but anybody that I ask about tablets just says "we have iPads". You guys are probably the only group of people that I feel like I can trust when comparing multiple devices, and I'd even consider something other than a Transformer Prime or iPad if it was an honestly compelling buy. My phone is a DVP and my laptop is a dv4 circa July '09, so I'm kind of a Windows junky, but in the tablet space I don't really have that option...

Things I want:

- Solid browsing

-Good looking display (not necessarily Retina)

-Up-to-date OS (obviously pertaining to Android only)

-Possibly Win8, down the road?

-Storage (32GB min)

-Wi-Fi only (not going to pay monthly to enjoy my device)