About those ebooks

I'm always a day late and a dollar short on listening to the Vergecasts (no exception this week) and just finish last weeks today. What really got me was the discussions around collusion and ebook in general. Here are my thoughts on how to fix it things..

We all know that Amazon is really running ruck shot here with the game, and that's perfectly fine in my book. Whether or not Apple and other publishers did things they shouldn't do is mildly concerning but really in the grand scheme of things isn't breaking my bank. You see I love physical books..for better or worse and love to also have and hold. I just refuse to pay the price that they want. I know that there are crazy costs associated with marketing the stuff but seriously...28-32 bucks usually is just nuts. I'm not certain but it would seem relatively easy to me if they could some how make it interchangeable. Here's what I mean:

I buy a book wherever. If it's the paperback then I get what I get as it's already a reduced cost and usually by that time the book has paid for itself. If I buy the hardback I get a code (similar to blue-ray) that I can then use to either link to the publishers site or anywhere else (whatever works) and download my own, drm-free, version that I can store, destroy, copy legally, whatever with. If I knew that by paying a decent amount for the hardback that I would get a digital copy as well to make it easier to read the book on the fly without all the bulk I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

Something fair in my mind is this. Hardback somewhere from $20-$30, digital only anywhere from $5-$12.99 (depending), and keep paperbacks right where they are.

Am I off base here, thoughts?