Spotify today announced "brand apps" that will live inside Spotify's desktop app from AT&T, McDonalds, Intel, and Reebok, as previously hinted. There's also a "global partnership with Coca-Cola" launching today, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said at the AdAge Digital Conference. Ek noted, "Our goal is to make Spotify ubiquitous. We want to be everywhere."

While we'd never associate these types of companies with sharing playlists, apparently some of their apps will go beyond the capabilities of some of the ones we've seen thus far. The AT&T app, for example, will let users view maps and locations tagged for where popular songs were recorded.

Towards the end of Ek's keynote, one audience member asked him about an iPad app. Apparently, it's coming "soon," as noted in the tweet embedded below. Ek said that some form of car integration was also in the pipeline.

Thus far, Spotify has rolled out two waves of apps that attempt to make Spotify's overwhelming 15 million songs a bit more manageable. The first wave included some big names like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and We Are Hunted, apps meant to provide some context for Spotify's massive library. The second wave included some pretty empty experiences from record labels like Domino and Matador, but also included some great apps like Classify which make digging into Spotify's extensive classical music catalog pretty simple. While Spotify's "App Finder" is hardly an app platform, the company is well on its way towards letting third party developers create custom experiences that take advantage of Spotify's API and library.