Galaxy Nexus - Tell me about it?

Hello all!

I'm an Android fan trying desperately to claw his way back to my platform of choice after a brief lapse in sanity.

I sold my beloved Incredible 2 for an iPhone 4s and after a few days grew to hate it. I really couldn't stand the awkward multitasking, clunky OS (yes, it moves smoothly but that doesn't mean much when I lack anything but a giant button on the bottom), and locked down environment. I'm a better man for the experience, especially since once I sold it I had my car break down. The resold iPhone paid for the repairs but left me using an HTC Trophy I had laying around.

Three weeks into it I'm beginning to crack. I think the battery is shot - I'm charging three times a day - and I despise WP7 more than iOS. Multitasking is broken and janky, apps are hard to come by, etc. This post isn't meant to be bashing other platforms, however.

I need your help! The Verizon Galaxy Nexus appears to be selling for about $350 give or take on Ebay. I've heard some great things about it, some terrible things. I'm looking to the community to find out what your experience with the phone is like.

How's the software? Stock ICS seems beautiful to me and I've never owned a stock device though I've used tons of stock roms the last few years.

Hardware? I've heard of signal issues, screen issues, mic issues. Are these overblown?

Quality - how's the sound, is it durable, etc?

I'm likely to grab the Gnex off ebay and save my upgrade for the end of the year when we have something like the GSIII or ... - either that, or if the Incredible 4G has great performance and reviews I might just say heck with it and grab one.

Decisions, decisions!